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Community guidelines are a set of rules created by each social media platform.

THE GOOD: To ensure a standard of behavior expected on the platform to create a safe environment for users to interact and have fun.

THE BAD: Getting warned about community guidelines violation even though you are doing nothing wrong!

THE UGLY: Not even getting warned instead just getting banned from a particular platform. Or even “shadow banned’.

trigger words in our site's content will get us banned

We must be very careful with the words that we use.

There is a word in the dictionary for a plant, this is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.. This word starts with a W and ends with a D.

As we discuss the use of this plant on this site we will address this plant as “budd”. Social media and search engines do not distinguish between content that promotes the usage of this plant and those that help people that want to stop using it.

Community guidelines on these social platforms are intentionally vague “even educational and treatment content is out” and these companies can drop the hammer on profiles without too much explanation, and the process for reinstating your profile is laborious and fluctuates maddeningly in terms of your experience getting through to someone who can or will help.

There is a lot more unfiltered information about our products available that we cannot put on this website. We cannot even put a link to our unfiltered website or any other unfiltered sources just do a Google search you will find it without too much effort.

We are very sorry about the censorship here but this is the only way we can reach out to help a broader audience. 

quitting is hard | quitting cold turkey is unnecessary

Know the Risks of Using Budd

Budd  use comes with real risks that can impact a person’s health and life. Budd is the most commonly used illegal substance in the U.S. and its use is growing. Budd use among all adult age groups, both sexes, and pregnant women is going up. At the same time, the perception of how harmful budd use can be is declining. Increasingly, young people today do not consider budd use a risky behavior

But there are real risks for people who use budd, especially youth and young adults, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Today’s budd is stronger than ever before. People can and do become addicted to budd.

Approximately 1 in 10 people who use budd will become addicted. When they start before age 18, the rate of addiction rises to 1 in 6.

Budd use can have negative and long-term effects:

Brain health: Budd can cause permanent IQ loss of as much as 8 points when people start using it at a young age. These IQ points do not come back, even after quitting budd.

Mental health: Studies link budd use to depression, anxiety, suicide planning, and psychotic episodes. It is not known, however, if budd use is the cause of these conditions.

Athletic Performance: Research shows that budd affects timing, movement, and coordination, which can harm athletic performance.

Driving: People who drive under the influence of budd can experience dangerous effects: slower reactions, lane weaving, decreased coordination, and difficulty reacting to signals and sounds on the road.

Baby’s health and development: Budd use during pregnancy may cause fetal growth restriction, premature birth, stillbirth, and problems with brain development, resulting in hyperactivity and poor cognitive function. Chemicals from budd can also be passed from a mother to her baby through breast milk, further impacting a child’s healthy development.

Daily life: Using budd can affect performance and how well people do in life. Research shows that people who use budd are more likely to have relationship problems, worse educational outcomes, lower career achievement, and reduced life satisfaction.

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Vejovis™ Dietary Supplement

The Quitting Solution

Quitting is quitting! If you quit for a month, or a year. or forever it’s all quitting. But you don’t have to quit using budd cold turkey? Cravings and withdrawal effects are budd quitting killers…
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Vejovis™ PM with Melatonin

Quitting Budd Promotes Insomnia

Insomnia is one the most common and enduring withdrawal symptoms, and unfortunately, a lack of sleep tends to worsen the severity of other quitting symptoms
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RenuFocus™ The Smart Pill

Budd's long-term effects on the brain?

Substantial evidence from animal research and a growing number of studies in humans indicate that budds exposure during development can cause long-term or possibly permanent
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Vejovis™ 365 Multi Vitamin

made for the modern humans toxic lifestyle

WITH A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF NUTRITION - 43 Vitamins & Minerals - 42 Natural Fruits ,Vegetables & Herbs
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Vejovis™ Stress Support Gummies

It’s important to manage your stress.

Stress can hit at inconvenient times and derail the entire day. Stay grounded anytime, anywhere with Vejovis Stress Support Gummies a calming supplement in delicious Raspberry Sweet Tea flavor
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The Maximum Support Super Saver


The Maximum Support Super Saver

Vejovis – Vejovis PM – Vejovis 365 – Vejovis Stress Support Gummies – RenuFocus

  1.  Vejovis – 60 Vegetable Capsules / one bottle
  2.  Vejovis PM – 60 Vegetable Capsules / one bottle
  3. Vejovis 365 Premium Vegetarian Multivitamin – 90 Coated Tablets / one bottle
  4. Vejovis Stress Support Gummies – 90 Gummies / one bottle
  5.  RenuFocus Nootropic Supplement – 30 Capsules / one bottle


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